A Siren’s Call: the story behind Siren Vid

Image Credit- Chris Hershman

I guess it all started with an average girls night in the Winter of 2013. My girlfriends Kenya Brading, Megan Golliday and I were sharing a bottle of wine and were discussing our plans for starting a company together. We all shared the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to contribute to more meaningful content creation. Our career paths in casting at the time in was in need of a little shaking up, and the production of short format video content or promotional videos was our point of entry into the industry. We had also recognized how quickly videos were becoming a desirable marketing tool not only for major brands, but also small business and organizations.

While balancing our day jobs with our startup, we burned the night oil (so to speak), writing our business plan, researching the market, and setting up our branding & website. The name of the company took awhile to decide on, because knew how important it was and we wanted it to truly represent our values. Similar to many other industries, we believed the film industry was gravely in need of more diversity. The Sirens, from mythological folklore, are known to be temptuous mermaids that lure sailors to their demise in the depths of the ocean. We flipped this idea on it’s head, and translated it as a modern representation of fierce, empowered women, the types of women that should be making films, NOT man eaters! and thus Siren Vid was born.

We officially launched in May and hustled for 6 months to build a foundation solid enough to go full time. Over the last year, Siren Vid has evolved it’s services to cover the production of a variety of video types, including live-stream, motion graphics, and has created partnerships with various women’s networks within Boulder and Denver, always staying true to it’s roots.

So what’s next on the Horizon? We are co-producing a creative web to bring video to the foreground. Video is a powerful way to tell stories, connect & collaborate with others out there. We want to lead the conversation… talk about our experiences, our work, and our insights on the film industry, in hopes to transform the way that we create & share content.


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