“Greening” Up your Video Marketing Strategy: A look into the Organic & Natural Product Industry


Image Credit- Green Soul Holistics

There has been a shift in consumer demand for natural and organic products in recent years. People are more interested in the products that they use & are concerned with how it affects their daily lives. In 2015, the organic & natural product industry has increased by 11% from 2014 with consumer sales exceeding $39 billion dollars. The organic & natural products industry are leading the entire food industry to start creating and living a healthy lifestyle for all. This has created room for new opportunities for products to embrace how we can solve problems within ourselves, family, community, country & the world.

Current consumer trends are shifting to incorporate organic and natural products in all aspects of their lives. Everything from labeling & packaging, clean energy, agriculture, and product improvements… The organic & natural products industry are the pioneers of reinventing & reimagining how to live a healthy lifestyle. So what does video marketing have to do with this?

It’s a well known fact that video has become a front-runner in digital marketing these days not only for content sharing, but for businesses to communicate with one another (B2B), and the consumers (B2C). In 2015, we saw that video traffic is up to 8 billion views a day on Facebook alone. Video has become an instrumental tool for distribution, engagement, educating new prospects, and increasing sales. Here’s a few reasons video marketing can boost your business:

1. Building Consumer Trust

Building a personal connection between your brand and the consumer is important to gain loyalty to your products or services. Video is a way to provide transparency and authenticity to your company. Businesses seeing the most success with video marketing are proving effectiveness through presenting customer testimonials, product overviews & demos, and industry expert interviews. Having this open visibility into your company is vital for this industry because you’re able to answer questions, create awareness, and build consumer trust. According to New Hope Network, this has been important to smaller businesses in the industry, and it’s starting to affect the way mainstream producers and companies talk about their products and connect with their customers. This is just the beginning… we will see a lot more of this!

2. Providing Research & Evidence

Highlighting data, trends, stats, etc. on the industry is huge in getting more people interested in the organic & natural products industry, and key for people to buy into your products & services. Video marketing presents the facts in a compelling way that can be supported by experts in the industry and make the content more shareable. The State of the Industry presentation from the 2016 Expo West explained how this industry needs to be presenting the facts, showing the science & processes, and building the credibility that are true to the values of the entire industry. In doing so, we will be able to address and solve many problems that the food industry faces. For example, most people look at implementing a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. We start by solving problems that directly affect ourselves (i.e. focusing on personal care) then we move to address areas that affect our families (i.e. home products & food choices) then we move outward to address problems with the way that our consumer choices affect our community, our country, and the world. Providing research and evidence that support to solve these problems drive more consumers to choose a healthy lifestyle.

3. Standing Out against the Competition

Be personable. Telling your story and creating a unique relationship with your customer will help your business stand out. You’re able to really dive in and show people what makes you different. 2016 Trends: Video in Business says 2016 will be all about highly-personalized content that connects with people on an emotional level. Marketers and sellers will get more specific in messaging to particular audiences at different stages of the buyers’ journey. You’re engaging with your customers on a firsthand level, and have the ability to connect with them by showing them how you can benefit their lives and support the organic & natural products industry as a whole.


Video has become an essential tool for marketing strategy when it comes to telling your story. Whether it be your brand, your product, or the industry overall it is important to connect with your consumers on a personal & transparent level. Showing these aspects of your company can boost your business and engagement when it comes to supporting your brand & your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for more advice on how video can take your business to the next level check out our services, and feel free to contact us for a consultation to see where your brand can stand out!


Click the link to check out the full video for the 2016 Natural Expo West: State of the Industry!




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