Celebrating two years in the video biz & what it takes to get here

Image Credit- Fusioncut


We have hit our two year mark this April which is a big milestone for any small business. As you could imagine, it’s been a crazy couple of years that have gone by in a flash. It feels like a bit of a roller coaster ride with all its highs and lows… but that’s the nature of a start up, and we wouldn’t change it for the world! It has been the most humbling, life changing and thrilling couple of years. We couldn’t be more excited about what we have accomplished & where we are headed.

Kicking off our two years, we have a lot of exciting changes to come. We’ve decided to take this time to rethink the direction, and representation of our company by rebranding. We wanted to create a fresh look and style for Siren Vid, something that is simple, modern, and elegant that achieves our overall style and persona of the company. With that, we are also revamping our website to be more comprehensive representation of our work, our mission & goals, and the overall state of the industry.

The great thing about hitting the two year mark is thinking about the future of the industry. The video world is progressing exponentially by pushing the boundaries to capture and tell stories, and change the ways we express these stories and share them. The feeling is contagious and we know it’s just the beginning for us to explore different ways to expand, and evolve our creativity. Siren Vid is taking this next step to reach new goals for growth, develop a more creative outlet for projects & collaborations, and create a larger presence in the Denver & Boulder metro area. We are constantly inspired by the community we live in. We’re immersed in a place where so many different industries are forward thinking, and we seek that same momentum to tell those stories and be a part of the change and innovation happening.

One thing that we’ve learned is that it’s important to think about the future of your company, and not only that, but the overall industry you find yourself in. It’s fundamental to constantly think about how to better your business, and we know that being a part of a start up and small business can difficult, but you can never lose focus of your ultimate goals. Here’s a few of our simple things to appreciate and remember when being a part of a small business:

1. Make great connections

Having a support system, being involved in your community, and creating opportunities for open conversations will help build a strong foundation for your company and brand. Creating awareness, making connections, and building relationships can lead to so many different opportunities by just having a conversation and following up with the people in your circle. Having a presence wherever you go, and getting the word out about your brand & services makes all the difference in the world.

2. Wear many hats

This is a unique opportunity because you are able to be involved, and understand all aspects of the business. Use this to your advantage to really develop and know the in’s and out’s of the company. This can help you overcome the curveballs that come along the way, and help you expand and know where you need more support, or change things up if needed. Learn and absorb as much as you can because it will always help in the long run.

3. Have the hustle

There are great things that come with being an entrepreneur and running a small business. Every day is different and unique especially in the video industry. Whether it be heading out for a shoot, contacting people for new business, or diving into post-production… there is something always going on. You’ve got to make the most use of your time & energy because you are doing all of the leg work. The biggest thing is maintaining that drive and passion to push your business forward.

Celebrating two years of business has us really appreciating how far we’ve come so far, as well as thinking about the direction we’re headed & all the exciting things that come along with it. We now know that it’ s not all a cake walk, but we are not intimidated by this challenge, we are ready to take charge! It is such an inspiring feeling to be a part of the video industry, particularly in such a creative and forward thinking community. Our biggest takeaway with hitting this milestone is the intention to continue to tell compelling stories, and giving a voice to those people to create meaning and impact for all walks of life.



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